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04/26/2021 - How Can HSAs Be Framed As Retirement Savings Vehicles? - PLANSPONSOR

“It’s important for employers to educate employees about the medical costs in retirement,” says Kim Buckey, vice president of client services at DirectPath LLC. “Most employees don’t understand that Medicare doesn’t cover everything."


04/09/2021 - HealthEquity to Acquire Provider of HSA and Benefit Administration Services - PLANSPONSOR

"By putting HealthEquity’s Total Solution inside of network partner applications and private-label brand environments, Further’s technology will align us more closely than ever before and enable new partnerships to introduce more consumers to HSAs,” says HealthEquity President and CEO Jon Kessler.


02/15/2021 - 12 Best HSA Accounts for 2021 by Fees, Features, and Investment Options - Investor's Business Daily

"IBD editors have identified 12 best HSAs based on account features, customer reviews, benefit consultants' input and Morningstar fund ratings."


10/01/2020 - Are Employers Delivering the Right Message Going Into Open Enrollment? - America's Benefit Specialist

"With more employees working remotely due to COVID-19, how benefits managers communicate critical information may differ from years past. But the bigger question is: Are employers communicating the right message and how can brokers help educate and equip their clients?"


09/03/2020 - Employers May Be Overstating Employees' Benefits Confidence Levels - BenefitsPRO

"With open enrollment just around the corner, what can benefits managers do to educate and empower employees to be active users of their benefits?"


09/02/2020 - HSA: Spending or Savings Tool? Depends on Whom You Ask - HR Daily Advisor

"While HSAs were originally introduced to employees as a long-term investment tool that can also be used to pay for eligible medical expenses along the way, employees’ usage of the accounts has drastically shifted."


02/20/2020 - 11 Best HSA Account Providers by Fees, Features, and Investment Options for 2020 - Investor's Business Daily

Further was featured as one of Investor’s Business Daily 11 Best HSAs for 2020. The accounts were evaluated on account features, customer reviews, benefit consultants' input and Morningstar fund ratings.


12/04/2019 - How Brokers Can Help Young Adults Maximize Their Healthcare Benefits - America's Benefit Specialist

 “In a recent survey, only 19% of employers believe their employees have a high-level understanding of their benefits. If employees who have been exposed to benefits for years don’t understand health care, how do we expect young adults to be successful consumers of health care?"


11/01/2019 - Making the Shift: Promoting Health, Not Just Wealth - Human Resources Executive

 “Employees are tapping into their HSA dollars to pay for their healthcare needs today. In fact, a recent study points out that 76% of HSA funds contributed in the last year were withdrawn. With this in mind, it's time that employers and benefits specialists position HSAs as healthcare spending tools - for building health, as well as wealth. What does that mean for employers?"


08/28/2019 - Transparency puts the consumer back into health care consumerism - BenefitsPRO

 “Once patients are knowledgeable about their options and health issues, they become powerful advocates for their own care, which leads to far better patient outcomes. Additionally, when consumers apply pressure on any industry, 'it invariably produces a surge of innovation that increases productivity, reduces prices, improves quality and expands choices.' "


08/22/2019 - Health administration company to bring 100 new jobs with new Orlando office - Orlando Business Journal

 “Further will add 100 positions with its 17,000-square-foot office at 5900 Lake Ellenor Drive in Orlando...The new facility will initially accommodate 50 customer service associates and four leadership team members, with an eventual capacity of 100 associates.”


07/17/2019 - The Value of HSAs: Changing the Perception - BenefitsPRO

 “As more and more employers offer HDHPs paired with HSAs, there is a perception among employees that you can no longer have a quality health care plan that is also affordable… We need to change our thinking about HDHPs and HSAs if we want to help employees make better spending choices and access health care in the right ways.”


05/31/2019 - Increase employee HSA engagement by using a lighthearted touch - HR Daily Advisor

“Oftentimes, when educating employees about their HSA, employers focus on tax advantages and the flexibility of these accounts to be used for both spending and saving. But, a lot of research shows that most people retain more information if a little bit of fun is introduced into the educational process."


05/20/2019 - What brokers can do to turn the tables on HSAs - Employee Benefits Adviser

“If we’re serious about achieving healthcare reform, it’s time to change our thinking about health savings accounts.”


04/17/2019 - How health literacy boosts HSA engagement: 5 steps to guide clients - BenefitsPRO

"The gap between employer HSA offerings and employee engagement may seem as unbridgeable as the Grand Canyon. Fortunately, there’s a key to narrowing the chasm, and it lies in addressing employee health literacy."


11/19/2018 - End-of-year FSA expenses: An employer cheat sheet - EBN

"The scenario is all too familiar for employers and human resource managers: The year ends, and employees still have unspent funds in their flexible spending accounts. Whether employees forget that the money in their FSAs must be used or it will be lost, or they simply aren’t aware of which expenses can be covered by FSA funds, their frustration at losing money often falls on the employer."


10/01/2018 - What to Consider When Choosing an HSA Administrator - EBN

"If anyone needed any reminding, health insurance is still an urgent matter to today’s employees. According to Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2017 Health and Workplace Benefits Survey, 83% of the workforce said that health insurance was very or extremely important in deciding whether to stay in or change jobs. Yet research has uncovered that employees tend to delay or disengage from retirement and healthcare decisions, which they view as difficult and complex."


09/14/2018 - 23 Tips to Boost Employee Adoption of CDHPs and HSAs - HR Daily Advisor

"HR Daily Advisor featured 23 tips to help employers increase adoption of consumer driven health plans and health savings accounts."


08/06/2018 - Matt Marek talks about growth of health savings accounts -

"Further CEO Matt Marek connected with Star Tribune health care reporter Christopher Snowbeck to share his insights on the growth of health savings accounts. "


06/25/2018 - Further named a 2018 Star Tribune Top Workplace -

"Further was named a 2018 Star Tribune Top Workplace! Over 2,400 companies were invited to participate, and rankings were composite scores calculated purely on employee responses."


04/20/2018 - Best HSA Providers By Fees, Features And Investment Options - Investor’s Business Daily

"IBD editors identified the nine best health savings account providers to consider based on account features, customer reviews, benefit consultants' input and Morningstar fund ratings."


10/23/2017 - Triple Your Tax Breaks With This Health Savings Account -

"When judging an HSA as a spending vehicle, the report looked at fees on checking accounts, which ranged from zero to $4.50 a month. Checking accounts at Alliant Credit Union, SelectAccount, and the HSA Authority had no monthly maintenance fees. Bank of America’s HSA had the highest fees, at $4.50."


10/13/2017 - One of the largest health spending account custodians and account administrators in the nation: SelectAccount -

"SelectAccount has been at the forefront of innovation in health spending accounts for 28 years, and has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and trusted account administrators in the country."


07/11/2017 - The Best Health Savings Accounts for Spending or Investing -

"The top H.S.A.s for spending were Alliant Credit Union, the HSA Authority and Select Account, none of which charge a monthly maintenance fee. Bank of America, which came in at the bottom of the list, charges a monthly fee of $4.50."


03/20/2017 - Best HSA Providers By Fees, Features And Investment Options -

"The providers aren't ranked and are listed by HSA assets. Also highlighted: the Best HSAs in Low Fees, Investment Options and Easy Account Access. SelectAccount - Category Awards: Investment Options"


05/27/2014 - Finding the Right Spending Account for Public Plans - Benefits Magazine

"Health plan sponsors that want to offer account-based plans need to understand their goals, their workforce and the amount of control and flexibility needed."