SelectAccount team completes “HSA Expert” certification training program

Members of SelectAccount’s sales, account management, client advocate and technical service teams recently completed the “HSA Expert” Certification Training program created by As a leading health savings account provider, SelectAccount concentrates on the medical spending account space with a variety of tax-advantaged accounts, as well as WalletDoc to help consumers stretch their health care dollars further.


As SelectAccount continues to focus on the growing need for medical spending account resources, the “HSA Expert” Certification program comes at a time when HSAs are becoming a go-to cost containment strategy for many employers offering health insurance benefits. As the health care industry evolves at an astonishing rate, many employers need trusted resources to help them structure competitive, yet cost-effective benefits plans. SelectAccount is dedicated to offering ongoing expertise on compliance and regulations to help employers and account holders manage their CDHPs.


All 18 team members who participated completed an on-site one week program of in-depth training and independent study, followed with a timed certification exam to become certified “HSA Experts.” The course focused not only on the basics of HSA plans and eligibility, but offered specific training on HSA situations such as Medicare, divorce and death, as well as HSA strategies to help employers and account holders understand all aspects of HSA benefit plans.


Mr. HSA comments: “I am proud to work with a forward-thinking, industry leader such as SelectAccount as they strive to improve the stellar service they provide their clients. The HSA Expert Certification Training program is designed to be a rigorous test of HSA knowledge that empowers front-line professionals to address HSA questions with confidence and help people make the most of their HSA accounts.”


Carol Kraft, SelectAccount President and CEO, comments on the continuing education plan for SelectAccount employees: “We are not only dedicated to offering professional development opportunities to the SelectAccount team, but are committed to ensuring our teams are well-equipped to assist current and prospective clients navigate the complexities of CDHP strategies.”


Additional “HSA Expert” Certification training is one of SelectAccount’s many initiatives to remain a trusted leader in medical savings administration. Through our continued efforts to provide top-tier service, SelectAccount is committed to helping consumers become better buyers through innovative product offerings and consumerism tools, such as WalletDoc and e-Vault.


For additional questions about HSAs, CDHP strategies and consumerism tools, please contact us at [email protected].