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Pairing an HSA with a Limited Purpose FSA

You can pair a limited purpose FSA with an HSA

When it comes to health care spending options, there are many possibilities employers can offer. Whether it is a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), both are great spending tools for employees with consumer-directed health plans that can be used for health care expenses. However, while many groups offer an HSA paired…

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The Further Learning Center: An Invaluable Resource for Brokers

Learn about health care finance at the Further Learning Center

The team at Further understands health care finance is complicated. That’s why we’ve put an emphasis on education for our partners and members. The more people understand about how their health care spending accounts work, the more confident they’ll be in their decisions—and with more confidence comes better, easier decisions. One of our best educational…

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Transparency Puts the Consumer Back into Health Care Consumerism

transparency in health care pricing could revolutionize the industry

While many in the health care industry continue to look for ways to reduce patient costs, the statistics still tell a different story. Health care consumers are forced to deal with cost ranges unlike anything they encounter when purchasing other goods and services. And most often, they’re making decisions without adequate information. Take mammograms or vasectomies, for…

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How Telemedicine May Help Decrease Health Care Costs

using telemedicine can save time and money

As employees continue to explore their health care treatment options, and the expenses that correlate, telemedicine may provide a more convenient, cost-saving option compared to traditional office visits. What’s more, telemedicine removes some of the traditional barriers to health care, such as distance, mobility, and time constraints, which could hinder some employees from seeking information…

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11 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Your HSA

11 common HSA eligible expenses

When employees have a health savings account (HSA), they generally understand that visits to the doctor or dentist can be paid for through their HSA. But when it comes to other items or services, employees may be missing out on tax savings by not using their pre-tax HSA dollars toward purchasing qualified items. What services,…

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Tips for Navigating Life Changes with HSAs

Tips for navigating life changes with an HSA

Big life events such as marriage, the birth of a child, or retirement are often some of the most exciting times in life — but can also create challenges. Details like obtaining a marriage certificate or setting up a nursery are important, but it’s just as crucial to think about changes to health insurance to…

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The Value of an HSA

the value of an HSA is tied to the changing perception of an HSA

Brokers: Is it safe to say that, given the tremendous growth of high deductible health plans (HDHP) with health savings account (HSAs) over the years, many of your benefits manager clients have adopted these health care vehicles for their organizations? And benefits managers: Was implementing the HDHP with an HSA plan met with angst, resistance…

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