Getting Your Associates on the Track for HSA Success

When considering benefits education, it's natural to think about open enrollment and the start of a plan year. However, with team members joining organizations throughout the year, human resources teams are always working hard to optimize and adjust new employee benefits orientation.

It's important for us at Further to help you help your team members to be the best health care consumers they can be. Our data shows that 65% of consumers report using their HSA as a spending resource (with only 23% stating they use their account equally for savings and spending).

To assist you with helping your team members understand and maximize their health savings account (HSA) benefits, Further put together a learning track called 6 Smart Ways to Maximize HSAs. The email opt-in track can augment internal training sessions by providing your team members with insights focused on making HSA contributions and managing HSA expenses.

Human resource teams can share the sign-up link with new HSA holders (or even current holders as a refresher course!) to help them stretch their health care dollars further. While our learning center includes a lot of this information on demand, by signing up, your team members will receive a steady drip of concise, easy-to-understand tips, directly to their inboxes.

We've personalized the tracks for each member's unique spending and savings goals. Based on your team member's goals, they will receive six emails, which span the following topics:

How to Choose a Contribution Strategy – There are many benefits to saving money with an HSA, but one of the first decisions members must make is figuring out how much and how often they can (or want to) contribute.

How to Earn More with Reimbursement Strategies – Delaying reimbursement claims until access to the money is needed is an example of a strategy members may want to consider doing with their HSA.

How HSAs Can Lead to Tax Benefits – The chances are your team members don’t know all the ways they can take full advantage of their HSAs for tax benefits.

Which HSA Expenses are Potentially Eligible –There are several things members can use an HSA for with a doctor’s note, called a Letter of Medical Necessity.


Help your team members take full advantage of their HSAs! Have them fill out this form to submit their information and we will get an email off to them soon!

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