Key Ways to Maximize a Further Debit Card

Many types of Further accounts, including health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs), offer a debit card that gives members a convenient way to pay for eligible expenses right in their wallet.

However, many members don’t fully understand what their card is for or how they can use it. Here are some helpful resources to share with your employees on how they can use their debit card to its fullest potential.

Activating and Using the Card

When an employee signs up for a Further account that includes a debit card, they’ll soon receive a card in the mail. To activate the card, they can call 1-800-531-6675 and follow the automated prompts — it takes only a few minutes.

After activation, employees can use their debit card to pay for eligible health care expenses at a provider’s office or store. When they swipe the card, it will transfer directly money from their Further account balance. This can save employees the time they’d otherwise spend on submitting a claim form and waiting for reimbursement.

Members can even set up their debit card in their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay digital wallet to eliminate the need to carry the physical card. Digital Pay can also pay for eligible expenses purchased online or via a mobile device.


Monitoring Card Activity

Further members can easily monitor their account from anywhere via or the Further app. On the online account portal, employees can check their account balance, view debit card transactions, or use online planning tools.

Employees can also use the member portal to request a new debit card or cancel a card. Members can even request extra debit cards for a spouse or tax dependent to use to pay for their eligible expenses at no additional cost.

Additional tips for using a debit card, including FAQs (like what to do if a debit card is denied or accidentally gets used for a non-eligible expense and more) are available here.

Try Online Bill Pay

Further debit cards can be used to pay a medical bill online, either through the provider’s billing site or directly through the Further website. (Note: HSA account holders can also use bill pay through the Further app.) Further’s online bill pay options are particularly handy if a provider doesn’t offer its own online portal, allowing members to avoid the hassle and time of paying a bill by mail or phone.

To use the Further site to pay a bill, employees should have their provider information handy as well as a digital copy of the bill ready to upload as documentation.

Pay for Online Shopping

Retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, offer a range of HSA- and FSA-eligible products in their online stores. Most of these websites offer a landing page to easily find eligible items, like over-the-counter medications and home medical supplies, and purchase them online.

Many retailers will allow shoppers to add a Further debit card as a payment method, letting members transfer money directly to pay for eligible expenses rather than going through the reimbursement process. (Please refer to the specific retailer’s website for full details on accepted payment methods.)

Here are a few retailers that make it easy to find and order eligible items online:

·         Amazon

·         CVS Pharmacy

·         Walmart

·         Target

·         Walgreens

For more information to help employees use their debit card to pay health care expenses with a single swipe, head to Further’s Learning Center.

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