COBRA Services

There when you need it

We believe that during times of change in employment status or benefits eligibility, health should remain a priority. Continuing benefits coverage can provide peace of mind and protection amidst change and unknowns.

COBRA allows eligible workers and their families to continue their same health care coverage when they experience qualifying changes.

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COBRA made easy

Our services help employers stay compliant with regulations and the many complexities of COBRA, while ensuring individuals receive compassionate support during times of change and upheaval.

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  • A no-hassle employer experience
    After an easy onboarding process, Further takes over every aspect of COBRA administration, providing you updates and on-demand reports.
  • Configured to your needs
    We tailor our services to satisfy the unique needs of your organization, and we offer integration options that allow multiple data and file formats.
  • Streamlined with other services
    We provide single sign-on from the Further group portal to real-time dashboards, case management notes, reports, participant communications, and enrollment statuses.

Further offers a full suite of products to fit your life.