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Your money, health, and life are intimately connected. That’s why Further offers a variety of solutions that are connected and integrated to make your life easier.

Our proprietary technology allows us to bring it all together and keep things simple with features like:

  • One dashboard for accessing all of your accounts and seeing all balances at a glance
  • One debit card that lets you pay from multiple spending accounts
  • One app for managing your account and accessing your money
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Our suite of products

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HSAs allow individuals to save money pretax for qualified health care expenses, such as doctor visits, prescription drugs and dental and vision care, now or in the future. The money in the account is owned by the individual, and stays with them even if they change jobs or health plans, or retire.

With an HRA, employers can contribute funds to an account to help offset health care costs and gain tax advantages. Employees are given money to spend on out-of-pocket medical expenses, tax-free.

Medical flexible spending accounts allow you to set aside a portion of earnings to pay for qualified medical expenses, including dental and vision. The payroll tax burden is reduced for employers who offer this program as well.

Additional Products and Services

In addition to our health spending products, we offer extended solutions which our clients can seamlessly tie into their benefits offering to fully support their employees. These include:

  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
  • Adoption Assistance Program (AAP)
  • Transportation Reimbursement Account (TRA)
  • Premium Only Plan (POP)

The right fit for your company

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What sets us apart

Cutting-edge technology

Further’s technology platform is secure, stable and scalable to create a seamless experience for individuals, employers, agents and health plans. Online management tools give you direct access to everything from accounts and reporting to contributions, reimbursements and interest.

Further Member Portal and Mobile Application

When people need help, we’re there

A knowledgeable and dedicated team handles everything from account setup to member support. Specially trained customer service representatives provide white-glove, concierge customer service that goes above and beyond, every day.

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Lower fees, competitive interest rates

We offer simple and affordable pricing, and market-leading interest rates. Our products are designed to fit a variety of health finance needs for both employers and individuals, including investment options.

Have questions about one of our products?

Explore the Learning Center, where you’ll find complete product information, including FAQs, tips and other resources.

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