Health Savings Account (HSA)

Further helps people make health spending choices that fit their everyday lives and financial goals. Our HSA plan offers flexible options to support you wherever you are in the health care finance journey, whether you are a saver, a spender or an investor.

Spend every day wisely

An HSA is a savings account that belongs to the individual and offers triple tax savings: contributions, interest from investments, and ongoing and future qualified withdrawals can all be tax-free. HSAs generally have lower premiums and can be used for qualified medical expenses.  An HSA stays with the individual even if they leave their job, change health plans or retire. An HSA also offers investment options, depending on your balance amount.

Significant savings

Employers can realize cost savings through employees’ increased adoption of HSAs, and lower payroll taxes.

Streamlined administration

With the convenience of a single platform, employers experience a simplified administration process. Individuals can manage their account from any mobile device and enjoy the benefits of a simple claims and reimbursement process.

Enhanced benefits package

Employers are better able to attract and retain employees with a product that helps them pay for and save for health care now and into the future.

Pricing and interest rates

For Employers

For employers, Further offers a range of HSA options. Choose from three HSA plan designs, all with low fees and competitive interest rates. We provide custom pricing to fit your needs.

Plan Further Premium HSA Further Value HSA Further Select HSA*
Administrative Fee Contact us for custom employer pricing
Crediting Rates
$0-$2,499 0.35% 0.05% 0.05%
$2,500-$9,999 0.45% 0.10% 0.07%
$10,000-$14,999 0.50% 0.10% 0.07%
$15,000-$24,999 0.60% 0.15% 0.10%
$25,000+ 0.70% 0.20% 0.10%

* Further Select HSA offers FDIC security.
Interest rates effective as of June 1, 2020.
Interest rates and balance tiers are subject to change without notice.



For Individuals
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Understanding HSAs

Explore the Learning Center to find everything you need to know about understanding and managing HSA accounts, and how to maximize your tax advantages

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