The Growing Role of Health Spending and Savings Accounts in the Benefits Portfolio

employers talk about spending account benefits

With the continuous trend of rising health care costs, companies are constantly seeking opportunities to contain costs, while providing employees with comprehensive benefits offerings. Employers recognize the need to cater to cross-generational employees when it comes to benefits packages–particularly in the area of health care coverage. Health saving and spending accounts, such as HSAs and HRAs, provide employers…

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Leveraging Multiple Health Accounts for Maximum Benefits

how to leverage multiple health spending accounts for maximum benefits

When it comes to health saving and spending accounts, employers have many options to offer to employees. From health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and more, employers offer these health accounts to help employees pay for health care related expenses and save for future needs. While employees may be…

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Understanding the New June 2019 HRA Regulations

Learn about the new HRA regulations passed by the government

You’ve likely been following the conversation around the proposed regulations to broaden HRA rules that began in October 2018. The proposed regulation broadens health reimbursement account (HRA) rules to allow employers to offer an HRA that reimburses an employee’s individual insurance premiums or a standalone HRA that reimburses medical expenses of up to $1,800 a…

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