Managing Investment Accounts During Market Fluctuations

Recent headlines have been filled with news of rapid and wild fluctuations in the value of investments such as mutual funds and money market accounts, causing many people to reassess their investment portfolios to make sure they are meeting their financial goals while managing their risk tolerance. Employees who have invested Further health savings accounts…

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Three “201” Strategies for Maximizing HSAs

Advanced HSA strategies to maximize your account

When it comes to health care consumerism, we have good news. Through both offline and online resources, our data shows that consumers are becoming more educated on using their health care spending dollars wisely. Consider these facts: Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) participants are 39% more likely to check the price of a service before…

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Life Changes and HSAs: The Death of an Account Holder

what happens when an HSA owner dies?

As you present team members with their health care options, many employees may wonder what happens to these benefits after they die. It’s a tough thing to consider, but employees want to make sure that their loved ones will be taken care of. During their career, an employee may save a significant amount of money…

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Life Changes and HSAs: How to Advise Employees Turning 65

What to know when you turn 65 with an HSA

With every age comes new milestones and turning 65 is no different. Many of your team members might start thinking about retirement at this age, and even if an employee is still actively working at 65, if they have a health savings account (HSA), there are several new rules and regulations they should be aware…

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4 HSA Strategies for Maximizing Their Use

4 hsa strategies for maximizing their use

We get it. For your employees, being an active health care consumer and managing health savings accounts (HSAs) can be confusing, especially if utilization is infrequent. In fact, data from a Further study fielded in 2020 shows 40% of employees feel less than confident in understanding this benefit offering and how to fully leverage it.…

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Health Care Finance Year in Review: 2020

2020 year in review

When 2020 began, it’s safe to say no one could have predicted all that was to come. As individuals and organizations, we all came together to quickly pivot to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe. As we look back over the year, organizations and legislation has also changed to address the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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5 Myths About Health Savings Accounts

here are 5 myths about HSAs

While many employees have stated that their overall health has become more important in the wake of COVID-19, the reality is that, for most Americans, preventive care has all but stopped since the pandemic began. From annual well-care visits to vaccinations, dental appointments, and mental health sessions, proactive care services are critical for maintaining good…

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Why Employers Need Different Messaging for HDHP and PPO Members

different employees with different health plans should receive different messaging

Comprehending the complex world of health care is not for the faint of heart. There’s acronyms galore, many different provider options and according to a 2019 published study, the majority of U.S. adults (51%) reported having inadequate health insurance literacy as measured by knowledge of basic insurance terms. Perhaps even more concerning is that close…

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