The Further Learning Center: An Invaluable Resource for Brokers

The team at Further understands health care finance is complicated.

That’s why we’ve put an emphasis on education for our partners and members. The more people understand about how their health care spending accounts work, the more confident they’ll be in their decisions—and with more confidence comes better, easier decisions.

One of our best educational tools is the Further Learning Center. The Learning Center is an easy-to-use website featuring helpful how-to articles and information aimed to make health care spending simple. What’s more, is the content is organized both by product type (HSA, HRA, FSA, etc.) and by audience (member, employer, and broker).

To help you serve your clients knowledge about Further, the Broker Product Information section includes fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, essential guides, sell sheets and more on our products. This information is easily downloadable so you can share it as needed.

Additionally, the Learning Center features industry resources such as case studies detailing client success stories in working with Further, and whitepapers that provide insight into what’s happening in the health care finance industry. We also regularly add articles explaining new legislation and regulations involving our products, as well as provide insight into how these updates could affect our partners and members.

The Learning Center is an invaluable tool for brokers and employers looking to learn more about the health care finance industry or individuals looking to manage their account. New articles and tools are regularly added, so bookmark it and visit often!

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