Support Family Benefits with the Adoption Assistance Program

Adoption Assistance Blog Featured

Every year, thousands of U.S. families adopt a child and need to pay for adoption expenses, which can be costly. But there is a way that companies can help employees embarking on this life journey – through an Adoption Assistance Program. An Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) account is an employer-sponsored spending account that allows both…

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Life Changes and HSAs: The Death of an Account Holder

what happens when an HSA owner dies?

As you present team members with their health care options, many employees may wonder what happens to these benefits after they die. It’s a tough thing to consider, but employees want to make sure that their loved ones will be taken care of. During their career, an employee may save a significant amount of money…

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Life Changes and HSAs: How to Advise Employees Turning 65

What to know when you turn 65 with an HSA

With every age comes new milestones and turning 65 is no different. Many of your team members might start thinking about retirement at this age, and even if an employee is still actively working at 65, if they have a health savings account (HSA), there are several new rules and regulations they should be aware…

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DCAP Payroll Contributions: Information for Employers Now and in 2021

DCAP Payroll Contributions: Guidance for Employers Now and in 2021

The end of the year, and specifically during open enrollment, is a time during which many people budget for anticipated expenses for the coming year. However, 2021 will not bring about a return to pre-COVID-19 “normal,” at least for the first several months.  For those employees with dependent care assistant program (DCAP) accounts, also known…

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Overcoming Open Enrollment Engagement Challenges During COVID

overcome open enrollment engagement challenges during covid-19

As COVID-19 began to spike in the U.S., consumers shifted habits related to their overall health. With growing concerns over the pandemic, a Further study found that 69% of consumers reported that their health is more important to them today, compared to pre-coronavirus times, and 63% report they are paying more attention to their healthcare…

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Why Employers Need Different Messaging for HDHP and PPO Members

different employees with different health plans should receive different messaging

Comprehending the complex world of health care is not for the faint of heart. There’s acronyms galore, many different provider options and according to a 2019 published study, the majority of U.S. adults (51%) reported having inadequate health insurance literacy as measured by knowledge of basic insurance terms. Perhaps even more concerning is that close…

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HSAs: A Powerful Recruitment and Retention Tool

HSAs can be powerful recruitment and retention tools

Health benefits packages have always been an important component of a job offer. However, the benefits package offered at a new job has taken on new significance in recent years as health care costs have continued to climb, with no signs of stopping, and more and more of that cost is being shifted onto consumers.…

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Leveraging Multiple Health Accounts for Maximum Benefits

how to leverage multiple health spending accounts for maximum benefits

When it comes to health saving and spending accounts, employers have many options to offer to employees. From health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and more, employers offer these health accounts to help employees pay for health care related expenses and save for future needs. While employees may be…

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