How Brokers Can Help Young Adults Maximize Their Healthcare Benefits

As young adults head to college or enter the workforce with their first job, they’re gaining independence, finding their way in life and realizing that, with adulthood, comes a whole new world that they may not have worried about before. One area in particular? Health care. In a recent survey, only 19% of employers believe their employees have a high-level understanding of their benefits.1 If employees who have been exposed to benefits for years don’t understand health care, how do we expect young adults to be successful consumers of health care?

Fortunately, brokers can play a key role in educating young adults about health care benefits, increasing the adoption of their employer’s benefits and, ultimately bending the trend on health care spending. Joel Stich, Vice President of Further, shares his insights on this topic in the latest issue of America’s Benefits Specialist. Read the complete article and find three ways that brokers can help young adults maximize their healthcare benefits.


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