The Value of an HSA

Brokers: Is it safe to say that, given the tremendous growth of high deductible health plans (HDHP) with health savings account (HSAs) over the years, many of your benefits manager clients have adopted these health care vehicles for their organizations?

And benefits managers: Was implementing the HDHP with an HSA plan met with angst, resistance and did it leave a sour taste in employees’ mouths?

We are seeing these trends because, as more and more employers offer HDHPs and adopt HSAs, there is a perception among employees that you can no longer have a quality health care plan that is also affordable. Employees falsely believe that you need to compromise one for the other. Because of this belief, employees continue to be confused about HSAs and how to effectively use them.

As brokers and benefits managers, you can begin to change this perception. Read the complete article by Matt Marek, president and CEO of Further, featured in BenefitsPRO.

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