Additional Products and Services

Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)

A DCAP is an employer-sponsored account that allows individuals to set aside pretax dollars to pay for day care and other dependent care expenses required so the individual is able to work.



Adoption Assistance Program (AAP)

An AAP is an employer-sponsored spending account that allows both employer and employee contributions to pay for eligible adoption-related expenses. Employee contributions are pretax and deducted from the employee’s paychecks to fund the AAP account. The employee decides how much to contribute for the year.

Transportation Reimbursement Account (TRA)

A TRA allows individuals to set aside a portion of their salary, pretax, to pay for certain transit, parking and vanpooling commuting expenses. By paying for these expenses with pretax dollars, employees decrease the amount of taxes they pay and increase their take-home pay for the year.



Premium Only Plan (POP)

A POP allows employees to pay for their portion of employer-provided health and/or dental plans with pretax dollars. Employers deduct the employee’s portion of the company-sponsored insurance premium directly from the employee’s paycheck pretax, allowing employers save on payroll taxes.



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